Advantages of Outlook over Lotus Notes

The report of statistical survey done around the world says that there are two prominent email clients used in the corporate organizations across the globe, one is Lotus Notes and another is MS Outlook. These two email messaging systems are very common among small, medium or large organizations. But, it has been seen that some of the organizations are migrating their email messaging systems from Notes to Outlook. Though Lotus Notes provide rich features and secured data service, but still people are inclining towards Outlook. Many organizations have switched to Outlook where as some are in the process of doing so. Now, the question arises that why to migrate from Notes to Outlook or what is the basic need for converting the platform? You can find the answer in some of these major reasons

  • High maintenance cost of Lotus Notes
  • Lotus Notes involves high software cost
  • Users’ unfamiliarity with Lotus Notes

Whatever be the reason behind the migration process, you should take proper care before switching from one platform to another. A thorough planning is needed before going to convert the data and email messages from one mode to another. You should make concrete planning and not forget some useful points before starting the migration process. Some of the precautions that you should take are described below:

  • Backup is necessary: Before starting the process of email migration, you must keep proper backup of the NSF files. Since, you can’t be sure that your Lotus to Exchange migration tool will successfully run and convert the data; you must keep backup in order to make your important data safe. If something wrong happens, you can restore your data from the backup file.
  • Configure new client: Once your new email client is installed, you must configure it before using thus ensuring that the converted PST file is error free or not.

Use of third party convert Notes to PST tool is the best option to migrate your email client as it involves smooth and effective conversion process and assures you about data accuracy. Lotus Notes to Outlook converter is a competent tool that helps to convert all NSF files and their components to PST files.