It takes more than a wish to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook PST

If you are using Lotus Notes and are contemplating moving to MS Outlook then you will be happy to know that you are not the only one who is planning a shift to MS Outlook. Organizations all over the world that were earlier using IBM Lotus Notes are in many cases shifting to Outlook. Though, there could be many reasons for such migration from Notes to Outlook PST and not necessarily the superiority of one product over the other, one thing that is apparent is the ease-of-use that makes MS Outlook popular among the Users across all organizations.

IBM Lotus Notes has also been associated with the high maintenance cost. In the contemporary break-neck competition, when Organizations are emphasizing on the various cost-cutting measures to keep the bottom-line high, the last thing they would be willing to do is invest in maintenance of their messaging environment. MS Outlook fits the table in that respect too.

While contemplating a migration, safety and security of your historical messaging data must have crossed your mind multiple times. No one can afford to let go of all their precious messaging data while migrating from lotus Notes to PST.

To assists in your migration process and eliminate the risk of data loss, various third-party professional Tools are there in the market that can make the entire migration a smooth affair. Before you purchase any of these Tools, make sure that your product can support these features:

  • It should be able to save the NSF data to a new or existing PST, or directly in Exchange User Profile.
  • Software should support all versions of the MS Outlook, MS Exchange Server, Dominos Server and Lotus Notes.
  • It should be able to perform accurate conversion of all types of messaging data such as Emails, Notes, Schedules, Contacts and Calendars etc.
  • There should be option to choose between speed of conversion and quality of conversion while using the Tool.

NSF to PST converter is one such solution that allows a smooth migration from Notes to PST, as per the neutral reviews available from consultants it has all the aforementioned features and is a perfect solution from the point of view of cost-effectiveness as well.